family car service businessAs many Long Islanders know, running a small business isn’t easy. It requires constant overtime often with little return. There has to be a passion for your business if you want to keep it going. And even if you’re the spouse that is toiling for a living, you know you can’t do it without the support of your family.

My Business Class Car Service runs 24/7. I have a small team and we all do our part to make sure our clients get where they need to go, on time, and safely. In order for me to make sure my clients’ needs are met, I need the support of my family at home.

Having them there for me is somewhat of a luxury that not every business owner has. The family can support you by understanding why you need to be at work so much, or by making sure they’re home for dinner on nights that you’re able to be home on time for dinner and being flexible with your schedule.

All of these luxuries make it easier for me to get my clients to the airport or a meeting or even a party. I love my family and my business. Together we make a great team and life is good. Maybe that’s why my clients are happy with CR Star Car Service, we’re happy and they know it.

Until Next Time!