sedan service fleet car Your business should have a sedan service in Long Island that will fit your needs, impress your clients, go easy on your budget, and never make you late.

CR Star Car is that sedan service!

We pride ourselves on being a local, family owned business that will be a seamless adjunct to your business. Easy reservations and easy invoicing will make it seamless to use our town car & limo service. Your clients will get used to seeing the consistent drivers along with a level of professionalism you can be proud to represent your company. sedan service in Long Island

Luxury town car & limo service will bring your business to the next level. Having a trustworthy professional car service at your disposal will help you be on time for all your flights and meetings. We make a point of checking traffic patterns and always having alternate routes to ensure you’ll be at your destination on time.

Excellent service is vital when you’re depending on travel to the NYC airports. You want to get there safely, stress free and on time. Give me a call personally and I will let you know how my business can support yours, because your business deserves excellent service.

Thanks for reading!
Robert Estrella

PS: Since I’m here, I may as well do an advertising push. Airport car service is the most widely requested service since I’ve been in business. CR Star Car Limo Service gets our clients to their flights on time, every time. We also have door-to-door service so you and your clients are picked up, or dropped off exactly where they need to be.

Airport Car Service to and from:
     • ISP – Long Island Islip MacArthur
     • JFK – New York JFK Internationa
     • LGA – New York La Guardia
     • TEB – New Jersey Teterboro
     • EWR – Newark International
     • FRG – Long Island Republic Airport
     • HTO – East Hampton Airport
     • FOK – West Hampton Airport