If one wants to put it simply, they would say, “it’s a pick and drop service”. An executive car service, however, is a premium car service and offers much more to be called a simple pick and drop. To be acknowledged as an Executive Car Service in New York, A company needs to match certain market criteria and consumer expectations

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Vehicles under an executive car service regulated and tested for defects on a weekly basis. The cars are owned by the company and they are always insured. The company’s staff clean the car multiple times a day to make sure it’s always clean and ready to pick a ride. Moreover, the premium car is accompanied with a skilled chauffeur and many executive car services in New York, like CR Star Car Limo Service, offer 24-hour dispatch service.

Why it’s important to hire an Executive Car Service in New York

The world we live in is becoming increasingly global. A more interconnected world is opening the door to new business opportunities which are increasing the demand for a business person, executives and CEO to travel and meet new companies.

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It’s, however, very inconvenient to take your comfortable car with you, every time you travel, even in 2019. An executive car service solves this problem and provides a familiar experience of a luxury ride with a personal chauffeur in another country or city. The service is essential in a city like New York which is known as a business hub.

Many businessmen and families require an Executive Car Service because:

  • It saves time.
  • Add convenience and comfort
  • Make an impression

Saves precious time.

Often businessmen and executives are on a tight schedule when they visit a country or a state. Therefore, It’s very important for them to reach their meetings, seminars, events, and airports on time as it shows good business ethics which is crucial for their business.

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Only skilled drivers work in Executive Car Services in New York

A driver should have at least four years of experience to work as a chauffeur. Many companies also require them to have a clean driving record with no or very few penalty points.

Some Executive Car Services in Queen, New York such as CR Star Limo Service provide extra training to their chauffeur. The chauffeurs are very knowledgeable about the city and well aware of roads prone to jam in rush hours. They know many alternatives routes. Therefore, avoiding them is fairly easy for them. A good chauffeur always reaches his destination on time. Not because he is driving fast and unsafely, but because of his exceptional knowledge of city routes

Add convenience and comfort

Making money is not easy. No one can tell it better than the CEO of a company. Especially, the one visiting New York. They often have to work tirelessly, going one meeting to another. Small convenience like a comfortable seat, availability to a strong Wifi connection, a soundproof car, can make things easy for them. Evidently, making a call in a soundproof car will take less effort because you can hear the other person easily. However, the biggest contributor to the convenience is the 24 hours dispatch service.

Woman operator with earpiece answering calls for luxury car service

A 24-hour dispatch service.

Executive Car Providers always have their own 24-hour dispatch service. The dispatch team is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are trained to carefully listen to the client’s needs and helped them in picking the most suitable ride for their needs. For example, for airports, we always recommend a car with more space to keep the luggage. It’s also in the job description of the dispatcher to explain all the extra services available for the customer convenience like bringing seats for the babies or toddlers. Through a dispatcher, the chauffeur can also be instructed to do extra services like leaving the car in designated parking space and receive the customer from a hotel or an airport. Which result in great convenience for families and executives alike.

Make an impression

If showing up on time shows business ethics, coming out of a luxury car leaves a long-lasting impression. It shows the authority and success of the CEO which earns him the trust of its peers and other business individuals. We have a variety of cars available which you can check here.