LI car service Just a few short weeks ago this was part of my fleet. Do you see it? CR Star Car Service is a LI Car Service aimed at business professionals that need to get around Long Island in a timely manner. 90% of our LI car service business is supporting other local businesses on Long Island. So you can imagine how disheartening it is for our drivers to see a buried fleet.

Luckily the airports were closed that day, giving me time to jump into action and dig, dig, dig! As a family LI car service business, I did get my kids to come help. Hey, I don’t believe in child labor, but I do believe that a little bit of hard work wouldn’t hurt them. They gave up early on, but they did help a lot. There was just no more place to put the snow. As they trotted off, they told me how much they love me, it was their consolation prize for leaving the Town Car less than half uncovered, I had to chuckle to myself.

Anyone who owns a small family business knows what it’s like to have part of your “support staff” be adorable and fun. Our company believes that using the same LI car service on a consistent basis helps you and your business. You get to know your drivers, your privacy and security is respected, in addition to easy billing, and lower rates. You can have an ongoing schedule or just shoot us an email and we’ll make sure you have a luxury car when you need it most. Y

ou’ll want to use a car service that has a flawless record for getting clients to their destination on time, including never missing a flight, ever. Getting clients around in inclement weather is also important. It’s important for patrons to feel safe, stress free, and comfortable in knowing they will get to their destination on time. Our LI car service has a flawless reputation for getting to the airport on time.

Whether it’s LGA, JFK or Newark Airport. If you’re coming from Merrick, Dix Hills, Massapequa, Manhasset, Woodbury, Glen Cove, Hamptons, or any other area in Nassau County or Suffolk County, our LI car service works hard to make sure you get to your destination, on time, safely and stress free. Even if it means moving mountains of snow.

Until Next Time!