airport shuttle service


My name is Roberto Estrella from CR Star Car Service in Long Island, NY. For close to two decades, our family business has been focused on getting our clients to and from their destination in a safe, punctual, and comfortable manner. Living life as a driver is an interesting experience. One can certainly learn a lot about humanity, or lack thereof, and about traffic patterns, alternate routes, predictability, and other lessons that life on the road brings. Our long term and account based clients become part of our family of executives. Together our goal is keep a positive reputation in the business world. CR Star Car Service is part of a support system for some of the most successful businesses and their executives. By being an excellent choice in car service and airport shuttle service in Long Island, our clients can in turn be the best to their clients. Some of our clients are so happy with our long and positive relationship they call us for personal events such as concerts, weddings, parties, galas, etc. or they call us for their family. They are secure in knowing we put safety first. On a personal note, when I tell people I run a family-owned business class airport shuttle service / executive car service, the main question I get is, “How do you make sure you get to the airport on time?” It’s not a secret. It’s all about planning. With the internet at your fingertips, it’s easy to spot the traffic patterns and get minute by minute changes. Our drivers have a set of multiple routes to get to and from the airport and they also know the roads and the structure of the airport well. When making an appointment with CR Star Car we make sure to work with you or your staff on planning the best time for picking you up to get you to your flight in plenty of time for checking in or navigating the TSA line. We will also be there to pick you up or make sure we have a car in the area should you be unsure of your arrival time. You don’t need a car service to ensure you arrive on time for your flight. You can look at the traffic online and check for your best route. There are many tools that will help and are free to use. The benefit of using an airport shuttle service is the comfort and stress free trip. At the end of the day I’m happy with my profession, and my clients. We have a good relationship based on mutual respect and honesty. Life in the car pool lane is about being on the same journey with your passengers. We’re all in business we want to make the most out of it, in an honest and efficient manner. Come join the family, we’d love to have you. Until Next Time! Roberto