JFK Cell phone parking lot As you know I own an Airport Car Service. Although I like to give my clients lots of privacy, sometimes they prefer a good conversation. And I really enjoy those days. Recently I was driving a client to the airport and he began to tell me about a horrible experience he had many years back.

On his way to JFK airport he almost hit a whole lane of parked cars. There they were, parked in the right lane, with only their parking lights on. He came around the bend at the speed limit and BAM! He managed to slam his brakes on time and skidded artfully to a full stop. It almost gave him a heart attack!

That particular stretch of expressway can be pretty hazardous at night. The main reason is that the road curves around the airport, and at night it can be almost desolated. The last thing you’d expect to come upon is a slew of stopped cars in the right lane. Many people are unaware that JFK has a Cell Phone Parking Lot that would avoid the road hazard of cars lined up on the expressway.

The Cell Phone Parking Lot is located near the airport’s entrance just off the Van Wyck Expressway and is within 5 minutes of all terminals. This giant lot is open 24/7 and is a great place to chill while waiting for someone’s flight to come in. This enables the driver to be out of the way of traffic, but close enough to hop on over when their passenger arrives. When traffic flows smoothly to and from JFK airport, my Airport Car Service benefits because my clients benefit.

Maybe by writing this post, a few more people will know about the lot and they’ll tell a few more. I guess I’m not altruistic in my intent here, yet I can’t help but think that the more people that know, the better off for everyone. Keep the traffic flowing! Here’s a link to the Port Authority web page that gives you a full map and description of JFK’s Cell Phone Parking Lot.

Until Next Time!